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From BAS to St. Benedict College


Fr. Bellarmine R. Baltasar, OSB, who served as Rector for almost a decade, was not only responsible for making BAS a premier learning institution in Southern Metro Manila. He also spearheaded the establishment of the tertiary level that opened on their centennial anniversary in the Philippines.  The tertiary department is a manifestation of their continued commitment to providing the youth with high quality education. The school was renamed St. Benedict College on June 5, 1995.


Under the leadership of Fr. Tarcisio H. Narciso, OSB, Rector, the college department initially offered mostly business oriented courses. The department welcomed 208 students and 15 faculty members recruited from other colleges and universities and from the roster of the SBC high school and grade school faculty. In the succeeding years, the college opened additional courses that catered to arts, humanities and other sciences. The St. Bede Hall (college building) was constructed in March 1996 and inaugurated on July 1, 1997 in time for the institution’s silver jubilee.


In 2001, Fr. Aloysius A. Maranan, OSB, Rector and concurrent Dean, renamed the college department College of Arts & Sciences. The move was intended to highlight the degree programs of the department and to give it a new identity. His stewardship also focused on revitalizing the CAS through extensive administrators and faculty development programs. Operational and academic policies were likewise clarified and revised to promote efficiency and excellence. Moreover, he facilitated the curriculum re-engineering to make the CAS relevant in the new millennium.

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