Support Programs

San Beda College Alabang believes that the acquisition of knowledge and skills should be complemented by development programs and services that will ensure the holistic formation of its students. As such, the CAS makes available various academic support programs, services and facilities that will enhance the total development of the students. 


The PEP program is a noncredit course for all new students. It introduces freshmen and transferees to the school's mission statement and assists them in meeting the challenges and difficulties of college life. 


To supplement classroom teaching, the CAS has embarked on a faculty-student consultation program which provides effective means by which academic and non-academic matters can be discussed. 

The faculty is required to render consultation hours which shall be posted outside the faculty room. The faculty should also inform the class of his/her available time for consultation. All consultations should be made in school. Home visits are discouraged. 


Year level dialogue is held whenever the need arises in order that policies and programs will be properly disseminated and clarified by the administration. Likewise, it will serve as a forum for students to voice out their opinion/ reactions and raise other concerns. The Prefect of Discipline, the Department Chairs, the Vice Deans, and the Dean may call or convene a year level dialogue. 


The different academic departments and areas through the Class Advisory program monitor students who are underachievers. The class adviser provides academic counseling and organizes review classes whenever needed. 

Review classes are in the nature of a co-curricular activity and should follow the guidelines and procedure set in holding student activities. 

Borderline students are given academic assistance through special courses such as the Language Assistance Program for those having difficulty in English and Filipino subjects. 


SBC's commitment to the physical development of the students is manifested through the curricular PE Program, the co-curricular Sports Program, and the various athletic facilities available for their use. 

Various PE and sports facilities are available for the use of students such as:

  • Covered courts
  • Gym
  • Sports Complex
  • Swimming pool


San Beda College Alabang believes that the perfect union with Jesus Christ is the highest goal of every Catholic Christian. Guided by this belief, the SBC Campus Ministry Program provides the school community with opportunities to follow Christ in His teachings as preached by the Catholic Church and to live the Gospel of loving fellowship and concern for one another. 

This program aims to address the need for a visible, dynamic and active witnessing community of faith in the College. It aims to build a Christian community through promotion of Christian values and participation in liturgical celebration and pastoral activities. It serves as a vehicle in promoting Benedictine spirituality and charism.