Guidance Center
The Guidance Center assists the school in fulfilling its commitment towards providing for the total development of pupils through the following services:

  1. Counseling. Group and individual counseling sessions are conducted to assist pupils in working out plans for solving certain difficulties.
  2. Consultation. Counselor and parent conferences are held in order to exchange views on the best way to work cooperatively toward helping the child.
  3. Information Service. Seminars, case conferences, orientation programs and dissemination of test result are periodically conducted to ensure smooth, effective and collaborative effort between teachers, parents and the counselors. Articulation of concerns and ideas among significant adults in the child's life are entertained and considered, thereby maximizing assistance rendered to each pupil.
  4. Play Therapy and Art Therapy. This is offered to children who may have the need for more frequent and less structured encounters. They are given the chance to uniquely express themselves as the counselor helps them thresh out their difficulties.
  5. Routine Interview. Annual interviews with pupils are conducted. These help in establishing rapport between counselors and pupils. These sessions also serve as springboard for future counseling.
  6. Guidance Class. The Level Counselor meets pupils twice a month in the class. They are provided with process - oriented activities that will facilitate the emotional growth of pupils and help them acquire effective social skills.
    Individual Inventory. A cumulative record containing pertinent information about each child is kept and regularly updated by their respective Level Counselors.
  7. Testing. Tests are administered to obtain information on each child's ability, aptitude, and personality traits. Test results provide a profile of pupils' needs, thereby allowing greater opportunity for significant assistance and help. Diagnostic tests on five major subject areas are administered from Levels3-14 using the CEM diagnostic tests.
  8. Research. The Center conducts surveys and evaluates its program regularly. Data gathered are utilized in making developmental plans for the individual learner and in improving the school's instructional system.

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