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Declaration and Agreement

Upon Login, we affirm that we have read and fully understood all instructions in this application for admissions at San Beda College Alabang. All information supplied in this application and the supporting documents are true, complete, and accurate. Any misinterpretation of information in this form shall constitute forfeiture of right to enroll, ground for disciplinary action and/or debarment in the succeeding semester. Pursuant to RA 10173 or the DATA Privacy Act of 2012, we understand the information provided relates to my admission and will be collected, processed, protected, shared, retained and to be used by the institution for the pursuits of legitimate purposes specifically for admission and evaluation. We, hereby allow SBCA to collect, use and share my personal data for its pursuits of legitimate interests as an educational institution. Finally, if accepted at SBCA, we agree to abide by all its rules, policies and regulations.

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